Bruce Machart



“The Wake of Forgiveness is a mesmerizing, mythic saga...”
—The New York Times

“In his luminous and wrenching tale of four motherless brothers, Machart skillfully evokes the rural Texas landscape...”
—Entertainment Weekly

“Machart stakes his own territory in this engrossing novel.”
—Barnes and Noble Review

“Bruce Machart has penned a dazzling, gratifying tale of retribution, redemption and morality.”
—San Antonio Express News

“This is pure literature; an emphasis on language over plot; risky, complex and often unlikable characters and that echo, that ripple that flows forward into the future and backward into myth.”
—The Los Angeles Times

“Such evocative prose helps make Machart's novel a standout this year, in any genre.”
—The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Machart writes fine idiomatic dialogue and unwinds textured details of farm life, horse racing, and the vagaries of the weather.”
—The Houston Chronicle

“The big state of Texas is home to many good writers, and the arrival of Bruce Machart's debut novel shows there's always room for one more.”
—The Dallas Morning News

“Mr. Machart's prose is so evocative that you can smell the men's cheap tobacco and corn mash, feel the bare, hard-packed earth from which they coax crops.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A wager destroys a farm family in this risk-taking first novel about Czech immigrant landowners in early 20th-century South Texas....Machart has created a dense, vibrant world.”
—Kirkus Review

“Machart writes in an easy, loping manner, his writing style mimicking the gait of a calm, powerful horse. His metaphors are achingly true and fresh, and his characters shine with realism.”
—The Jackson Free Press

“This intense, fast-paced debut novel is hard to put down. We can only hope for more exceptional fiction from this very talented writer. Enthusiastically recommended.”
—Library Journal (Starred review)

“Machart's moving story unfolds lyrically and his thoughtful prose propels a character-driven story about family, morality, and redemption.”
—Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

“This highly touted debut...should serve a range of readers, from those interested in historicals and the American Southwest to those who like works that ask the big questions.”
—Library Journal, Fall List Preview

“First novel and already a masterpiece”
—Kathleen Evin, France inter

“It is not a discovery: it is a shock. With this first novel, Bruce Machart destroys everything in his path”
—Le Figaro Magazine, Nicolas Ungemuth

“Bruce Machart's flair for story-telling and trust in the narrative process take this novel away from clichés. It is a tour de force – the imprint of a writer already in full possession of his talents.”
—Nathalie Crom, Télérama

“This is a mesmeric first novel, a symbolical and lyrical family tragedy about the sacred bond between sons and their mother. The slow, heartrending and rhythmic pen of a young writer who is already a virtuoso.”
—Marine de Tilly, Le Point

“Pages that burn, pages with a taste of blood, a praise of passing time, a vibrant hymn to those families who peopled the land where he was to be born one century later.”
—Marie de Cazanove, La Croix

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