Bruce Machart



The Wake of Forgiveness introduced readers, last year, to a lean, highly intelligent prose artist of the first order. Men in the Making shows us that Machart is equally adept working with the short story form...”
—Fiction Writers Review

…stories about men, all with three wheels on the road and one in the ditch.”

They are devastatingly pure, these stories.”
— DBC Reads

…the range and prose are truly a marvel and make the collection a must-read.”
— The Rumpus

…a careful meditation on our desire to protect those whom we love.”
– Fiction Writers Review

Your heart will break…”
–The Dallas Morning News

The best kind of realism.”

Each story will leave you staring off into space.”
—San Antonio Express-News

Copyright ©2010 Bruce Machart. All Rights Reserved. Author Photo: ©Christopher Jean-Richard.